Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the technology discussed here may be new to you, and you likely have a lot of questions about how it works and how you can apply it to increase your company’s profits. The best way to fully understand what Lead Lemonade InMarket Targeting does and how it works is to schedule a call with us. But below are some answers to a few commonly asked questions.

We already have Facebook/Google dialed in. Why do I need you?

We never ask our clients to stop what they’re doing and only use our targeting. In fact, we encourage you to run campaigns using our targeting against your campaigns that are already working and test it. Our clients typically see CPC reductions of between 25-75%.

Are your leads “sales ready?”

There are phases to any buying cycle. The first phase is researching a problem that needs to be solved. After researching the problem, people move to seeking out solutions. They then start to narrow down those possible solutions. InMarket leads are researching a problem. Some have moved farther down the road into researching solutions. We find leads at every stage of that cycle — from people who are just dipping their toes into the market, to those who have moved further along. As the business owner/marketer, it’s your job to begin the process of education and developing a relationship with the prospect.

Can I buy a certain number of leads?

Every market is different. The number of leads in any particular targeting file will vary based on the size of your market, and how many people are actively pursuing a purchase of whatever it is you sell. We do not sell individual leads or “batches” of leads at this time.

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