Small Business Marketing Services

Comprehensive Online Analysis

We provide our clients with a full comprehensive online analysis. This service is useful for any business that has an online presence. Our online analysis will:

  • Look at what your market is worth
  • Evaluate what your opportunities are within the market
  • See where you’re missing out right now in terms of opportunities on your website
  • Provide you with a report on your competitors; analyzing their online advertising campaigns and other market intelligence so you can see how to market more effectively.

If you’re not happy with the comprehensive report after we’ve walked through it together, your money is 100% refundable! 

Facebook Ad+Landing Page Creation

Facebook is not just a visual news feed. It is a place to be discovered. Why is Facebook different? People on Facebook want to discover you! This platform is so unique because the targeting capabilities are so vast yet so specific when it comes to connecting with the right audience. It’s a place where people thrive on similar interests and sharing relevant content with their peers. It’s also where people like to discover products and brands that relate to them.

You can captivate them easily and build brand loyalty time and time again! No platform has any capabilities like this; and we are experts at capitalizing on all the benefits it can bring to your business! Our process for Facebook Ad Services include: 

  • Building out the sales funnel. We create the ad copy and landing pages to handle the lead generation process from A-Z. This allows our fee to be your ONLY necessary advertising/marketing costs.
  • Running the ads on Facebook. We continually test and tweak the ads to ensure optimal performance.
  • Meet for monthly consultations to monitor progress and make adjustments. We will conduct monthly consultative meetings where we advise on ways to potentially improve multiple areas of your business, come up with and present additional marketing ideas (both digital and in-house), reassess what’s working and what’s not, etc.

Any Other Marketing Tools Your Business Could Need..

  • Website Creation or Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Logo Creation
  • Business Card Design and Creation
  • Guerilla Marketing Ideas
  • Employee Search and Qualification
  • Ask Us About Anything Else You May Need..