10 Candidates
In 10 Days

At 10x less than the cost of a headhunter. So you
can focus on filling roles, not reading resumes.

Don’t worry. You won’t be playing “20 Questions”
with a scripted salesperson.

Some Notable Companies
We’ve Received Replies From:

We know how to get the attention
of management-level employees working at top companies!

How it works



We don’t use copy/paste templates or solutions. We’ll hand-craft a customized approach that’s specific to your company’s strengths.

DAY 2-9


We combine email, LinkedIn, AND phone outreach in order to quickly build a pool of talent. No need for you to hunt them down.


DAY 10


You’ll receive a list of 10 qualified candidates to choose from.

How do we
define a candidate?

That’s right. You’re getting a list of candidates who are specifically interested in YOUR company. 

Since they aren’t actively hunting, you don’t have to deal with competing job offers.

How Our Outreach
Process is Different

Executive-Level Targeting

We’re not afraid to go after the top executives in established organizations, so you get the cream of the crop.

Unique Copywriting

We create messages that are unique to your company, so you’re not sending out the same, boring messages everyone else does.

Multichannel Outreach

We use three channels (email, LinkedIn, and phone) to stand out from the crowd of other messages in your candidate’s inbox.

Customized Responses

We personally respond to each candidate to build rapport, making the handoff warmer once you jump in.

Our Guarantee

We’ll deliver 10 qualified candidates in 10 days. 

If we’re unable to do that, we will provide you with your money back.


Candidate CRM

We will provide an organized spreadsheet or use your CRM to deliver candidates, whichever works best for you.

Email Updates

Never feel like you’re bothering us. We’ll keep you in the loop, with FAST responses.

Feedback Welcome

We take client feedback very seriously. We will do whatever it takes (within reason) to ensure your satisfaction.

Checklist Review

Each candidate goes through our checklist to ensure that we're only sending over the most qualified talent possible.

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